Wolverine Claws Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE)

Are you a fan of the Marvel character Wolverine and Minecraft? Well, now you can combine the two and add his steel claws to your Minecraft game! In this article, we’ll cover how to obtain Wolverine’s claws addon, their characteristics, basic attacks, special abilities, and credits.

wolverine claws addon for minecraft bedrock 3

How to Get Wolverine’s Claws

Currently, you can only obtain Wolverine’s claws from the creative inventory or by using commands in Minecraft. Unfortunately, there is no manufacturing recipe available yet. However, if you leave your recipe in the comments section, you can win a highlight.

Characteristics of Wolverine’s Claws

Unlike other Marvel addons such as Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, Wolverine’s claws have a fast attacking style and are better suited for close-quarters combat. Additionally, they have a hunting mode that allows you to obtain positive effects.

Basic Attacks

Wolverine’s claws deal 10 points of base damage and can be enchanted with sword enchantments, such as Sharpness, Unbreaking, and Knockback.

Special Ability

With a cooldown of 20 seconds, you can activate Wolverine’s claws’ special ability. It includes:

  • Resistance Effect I for 1 minute
  • Jump Boost III for 1 minute
  • Speed III for 1 minute
  • Super Regeneration for 10 seconds

Now, with this addon, you can play as Wolverine and face your enemies with your steel sharp claws. Enjoy experimenting and playing with this awesome new feature!

wolverine claws addon for minecraft bedrock 2

How to Install Wolverine’s Claws Addon

  1. Download Wolverine’s Claws Addon mcaddon file
  2. Double-click to install in your Minecraft.
  3. Create a new world and in the Behavior Packs, find the Wolverine’s Claws Addon.
  4. Enable the Behavior Pack.
  5. Enable Experimental Gameplay
  6. Start your world.


In conclusion, adding Wolverine’s claws to your Minecraft game can make your gameplay even more exciting. With its unique characteristics, basic attacks, and special abilities, you’ll be able to take on any challenge in the game. Make sure to credit the creator and have fun with this awesome new feature!

Download Wolverine’s Claws Addon