Desert House Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Download Map Desert House Minecraft. The desert biome in Minecraft can be interesting to explore, and it’s even more interesting when you have your own house built in the desert! If you want to build your house in the desert, you will need some blocks like sandstone blocks, ladders, fences, glass panes, and glass blocks for this project.

Minecraft is a popular game that allows players to build anything they can imagine. Some people have taken this opportunity to create fantastic survival houses in the desert. These houses are designed to provide all the essentials for surviving in a harsh environment, including shelter, food, and water.

Desert House Minecraft was created to play in survival mode. It has 2 floors, 2 beds, chests, an enchantment table and more. Created in Java version 1.16.5. Compatible with 1.17 and 1.18.

Based on the idea of Building Fever. Download Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

minecraft desert house top entrance

Minecraft Desert House Front

desert house mcpe lower entrance


desert house minecraft java

Minecraft Desert House Interior

minecraft desert house bedrock


Download Desert House Minecraft Java 1.16.5 – 1.17.1

For Minecraft Java, unzip the zip file in your Minecraft’s saves folder.

Download “Desert Survival House Java” – Downloaded 5526 times – 12.18 MB

Download Desert House Minecraft Java 1.18.1

For Minecraft Java, unzip the zip file in your Minecraft’s saves folder.

Download “Desert House 1.18.1” – Downloaded 4318 times – 5.04 MB

Download Desert House Minecraft Bedrock

For Minecraft Bedrock, run the *.mcworld file.

Download “Desert Survival House Bedrock”

Desert_Survival_House.mcworld – Downloaded 5219 times – 302.83 KB

Download Desert House Schematic

The desert house schematic zip file contains 2 schematics. One by WoldEdit and one by Litematic.

Download “Desert House Schematics” – Downloaded 4584 times – 44.37 KB

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If you’re looking for a fun project to do in Minecraft, consider building your house in the desert biome. Be sure to gather all of the materials you need before starting and have fun with it! Once you’re finished, be sure to share pictures of your work on social media so that others can see what you’ve done.