Instant House Builder KV Addon

To help you in your survival games comes Instant House Builder KV implemented 3 types of portable houses for your biggest and most exotic adventures.

Portable houses?
This addon adds 3 portable house items to Minecraft, 1 for each taste. That simple!!

if you are one of those players who love to explore but you don’t like to build and when night falls they send you to sleep with the fish… This addon is perfect for you!

It’s simple, gather the materials to craft the summoner and carry it in your inventory until you find a suitable place to plant the portable house.

The arrow indicates where the house is facing.

Below are the houses with their crafts and some small images:

Small House

house builder small recipe
small house recipe
house builder small
small house

Medium House

house builder medium recipe
medium house recipe
house builder medium
medium house

Big House

house builder big recipe
big house recipe
house builder big
big house

Houses always face east. if you don’t know where the east is.
•The sun rises from the east
• Sunflowers face the sun

Download Instant House Builder KV