Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta Receives New Music Disc

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is getting a new beta with many new features and new additions to Spectator Mode. Beta (or Preview was released last Thursday (28) by Mojang Studios and advances resources from the great Wild Update, expected to arrive in mid-2022.

The trial version is available in Beta, Preview, and Xbox Preview, following the developer’s strategy that seeks to participate the entire community in the evolution of the game, also encouraging any problems found in the new compilation to be reported. Check out below the main news of the new beta.

The Spectator Mode has received some refinements that bring an improved experience during flights. With the update, Creatures will not react to the player during this mode, allowing observation of the world without actually interacting with it. In the same vein, trap hooks are not activated when the user approaches.

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The community also highlights the arrival of Musical Disc 5. Its difference from other discs in the game is that they cannot simply be found in environments. Instead, Music Disc 5 is obtained by combining nine fragments of Disc 5 which, according to the developer, will “rarely” be found in Ancestral Cities chests.

The Warden has received a few changes to his behavior, including his attack with directional responses on the player, reaction to projectiles in addition to arrows, and “enraged” against any being that crosses his path. There is a new custom death message. When defeated, the creature will now drop a single sculk catalyst.

Other game improvements have been added, and as of the beta update, creatures will no longer spawn on Buttons. Among the bug fixes, users will have no problem continuing the game after taking fatal damage from the absorption effect.

These changes are in addition to the March update that brought the new “Deep Dark” biome. The full release notes can be found on the official Minecraft blog.