Nico’s Cave Expansion Addon (MCPE) Minecraft Bedrock

Explore other features underground. Your underground journey will be expanded by introducing a new variety of caves with the addon for Minecraft Bedrock Nico’s Cave Expansion. New mobs, blocks, plants, foods, and equipment will all be included in this add-on.


Mosshroom Cave currently generates under the Swamp & Mangrove Swamp biome.

nicos cave expansion mosshroom

Mushroom Cave currently generates under the Mushroom Island & Dark Oak Forest biome.

nicos cave expansion mushroom

New caves will generate in the negative Y level of the underground.


Moss Shroom

nicos cave expansion moss shroom
  • Passive Mob
  • Spawn in Mosshroom Cave.
  • Health: 12 (Wild) | 22 (Tamed)
  • Breadable using Azalea.
  • Tamable using Flowering Azalea.
  • Healable using Azalea & Flowering Azalea.


nicos cave expansion myceling
  • Neutral Mob
  • Spawn in Mushroom Cave.
  • Health: 20
  • Attack Damage: 2-3
  • Breadable using Moss Berry.
  • Healable using Moss Berry, Sweet BerriesGlow BerriesAppleBeetrootCarrot, Potato & Melon Slice.

Mossy Skeleton

nicos cave expansion mossy skeleton
  • Hostile Mob.
  • Spawn in Mosshroom CaveLush CaveJungleSwamp, & Mangrove Swamp.
  • Health: 20

More Features

Blocks, Items, Vegetations, Recipes. Read more on the original page


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Installation Nico’s Cave Expansion Addon

Download both “Behavior Pack [BP]” and “Resources Pack [RP]”.

Don’t forget to turn on all of these experimental gameplay options:

nicos cave expansion 5

Download Nico’s Cave Expansion Addon