Productive Bees Mod – Create Automated Resource Production

Are you tired of manually gathering resources in Minecraft? Do you want to take advantage of the bees introduced in Minecraft 1.15 to create a fully automated setup? Look no further than the Productive Bees mod for Minecraft Forge 1.17, 1.18.2 and 1.19.3.

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What are Productive Bees?

Productive Bees is a Minecraft mod that builds on the content added by Minecraft 1.15 by introducing additional bees and advanced beehives. These new bees can produce most vanilla resources as well as resources from many popular mods, including Mystical Agriculture essence, Silents Gems, Powah, Tinkers Construct, Thermal, and more. With over 200 bees available if the relevant mods are installed, the possibilities for automated resource production are endless.

Features of Productive Bees

In addition to the new bees, Productive Bees also introduces up to 32 variants of a new advanced beehive for the bees to live in. Most of these beehives are made from wood added by other mods, adding even more customization options to the mod. And speaking of customization, Productive Bees is fully customizable, allowing you to add your bees, disable existing bees, and change the production resources and rates.

How to Use Productive Bees

To get started with Productive Bees, you’ll need to install the mod and any relevant mods that add resources you want the bees to produce. From there, you can use JEI to look up breeding recipes and Patchouli for in-game documentation.

Once you’ve set up your automated bee production system, sit back and watch as the bees do all the work for you, gathering resources and creating valuable items.


If you’re looking for a way to automate resource production in Minecraft, the Productive Bees mod is the perfect solution. With over 200 bees and customizable beehives, the possibilities are endless. Install the mod and start experimenting with different bees and resources today!

Download Productive Bees Mod for Minecraft Forge