Useful Railroads Mod Minecraft 1.16.5 – 1.15.2

Useful Railroads Mod for Minecraft 1.16 and 1.15.2 is a utility mod that adds a new form of transport to Minecraft: fully functioning railway systems. There are 8 items added in this mod and let’s start with the very simple one which is the buffer stop.

The Buffer Stop

Basically, it just stops the minecart, so you could use this rather than using slabs.

buffer stop
The crafting recipe is 1 iron block in the middle 3 iron ingots at the top and 2 at the bottom corner.

buffer stop crafting

Highspeed Rail

Can travel 5 blocks per tick. That means it can travel 100 blocks per second. If you compare this with a normally powered rail, the highspeed rail is so much faster than the powered rail and you will need Redstone to power it.

high speed rails

The crafting recipe is 4 iron ingots at the corners 2 lapis at the sides, diamond, stick, and Redstone dust.

Speed Clamp Rail

The Speed Clamp Rail, it’s slower than the Highspeed Rail, but also a bit faster than the powered rail. It travels 0. 25 blocks/tick.

speed clamp rail

The crafting recipe is 4 iron ingots at the corners 2 slimeballs at the side, a diamond, a stick, and a Redstone dust in the middle.

speed clamp rail crafting

Direction Rail

Basically allows the minecart to travel in 1 direction. This rail also needs Redstone to be powered.

direction rail

To craft the direction rail. You will need 6 iron ingots at the sides: red stone dust in the middle, a Redstone repeater, and a stick.

direction rail crafting

Intersection Rail

Normally rails can’t crossover and the minecart, just turn to the left or right. But if you put the intersection rail in the middle, both carts can intersect each other, which is very useful.

intersection rail

The crafting recipe Is very simple: just surround the stick with iron ingots.

intersection rail crafting

Teleport Rail

This rail can teleport you and the minecart anywhere. Even to different dimensions, similar to the Ender Pearl.

You will need 1 stick in the middle, diamond at the top, red stone dust at the bottom, 4 iron ingots at the corners, and 2 ender pearls at the sides.

teleport rail crafting

You need to place a normal rail or any kind of rail where you want to get teleported to throw then the teleport rail and an ender pearl on top of the rail.

teleport rail setting end point

When a lightning strike appears. That means it has set the location.

teleport rail destiny confirm

Go back to the starting point, and place the teleport rail. Now you will need to activate it by right-clicking on it and you will need to put ender pearls in it. The ender pearls act as fuel in this situation.

teleport rail start point

Here it will also show you some information. The dimension, the coordinates where the rail will teleport you, and how much Fuel you need. Use a Redstone torch to power up and now you can use the teleport rail.

teleport rail fuel

You can also have as many teleport rails as you want and teleport to different places. If you want to deactivate the rail just put it into the crafting table and it will reset it.

Single Track Builder and Double Track Builder

Basically, these gadgets help you to build railroads rather than building them manually. For a single track, the builder right-click on it, and there is a menu for you.

At the top right corner. We have 4 different modes. No extra tunnels mean it will just build your railroads. 3X3. Air tunnels build a 3×3 tunnel with no lights. 5X5 air tunnel does the same thing. Tunnels with blocks & lights build tunnels with blocks & light.

config track builder

After you chose a mode you will need to put rails in it. The only rails you could use are powered rails, highspeed rails, and speed clamp rails.

The ground blocks. The block you could put in here is gravel.

Tunnel blocks are blocks for your tunnel. The only blocks you could use are stone, cobblestone, granite, diorite, andesite, stone bricks, and sandstones.

Put Redstone torches, torches, and coal as the fuel.

After you put all your stuff in these devices. Just press shift and mouse right click and it will build your railroad for you.

singler builder

The double-track builder is the same thing as the single-track build, but it builds you 2 tracks.

Download Useful Railroads Mod

The Useful Railroads Mod requires Minecraft Forge and U Team Core

Download Useful Railroads

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