04AM’s Axolotls Remastered Texture Pack

Axolotls are probably the most epic creatures in Minecraft are still cute and deadly besides having a really cool color. But there is a texture pack with special variations.

04 AM’s recreated all axolotl textures to make them more amazing, adding some creatures from the pokemon universe and even from another minecraft dimension.


Pikalotl Axolotl

The yellow one kept it cold as well as the original but added little Pikachu vibes who now look uniform and prettier with red and brown cheeks and stripes on the back

pikalotl yellow axolotl


Red Axolotl

Then we have the pink which is now redder, which has a vibrant color and fits a lot.

red axolotl


Grass/Dirt Axolotl

The grass block is probably one of the most popular blocks in Minecraft and how they didn’t exist any green Axolotl, he saw a huge potential for brown and green Axolotl skin, the result is ahead and back tail in the grass and the rest of this face is made of dirt.

grass green axolotl


Better Blue Axolotl

This one used to be a nice white chest, but like most love to have blue Axolotl he changed based on another creature from the pokemon universe.

With vibrant blue skin, orange cheeks white chin, and belly make he look like a baby.

better blue axolotl


Enderlotl Axolotl

This one is very special. Based on the strongest creature, the scary EnderDragon looks amazing.

enderlotl black axolotl


Now you can have all 5 amazing Axolots in your survival world.

This texture pack is 100% vanilla and does not require any mod.

Create by 04AM on Planet Minecraft.

Download 04AM’s Axolotls Remastered Texture Pack

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