Minecraft Swamp House Download World and Schematic

Swamp House World and Schematics for Minecraft. This Swamp House is a complete home to start your survival world next to a village in the swamp biome. Complete house with chests, work blocks, and a boat.

Created in version 1.17.1

Download world or schematics files for Litematic and World Edit.

minecraft swamp house minecraft java

minecraft swamp house download

Swamp House Interior

minecraft swamp house schematic

Download Swamp House House Minecraft Java

For Minecraft Java, unzip the zip file in your Minecraft’s saves folder.

Download “Minecraft Swamp House Java” Swamp_House.zip – Downloaded 250 times – 8 MB

Download Swamp House Schematic Zip File

The schematic zip file contains 2 schematics. One by WoldEdit and one by Litematic.

  • World Edit Schematic not working with Structure Void Block. Use the command “fixwater 50” on the water after generating the house, to fix the water under the house.

Download “Minecraft Swamp House Schematics” Swamp_House_Schematics.zip – Downloaded 321 times – 40 KB

Download Swamp House House Minecraft Bedrock

Download “Minecraft Swamp House Bedrock” Swamp-House.mcworld – Downloaded 199 times – 769 KB

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