Trails Addon For Minecraft Bedrock

Trails is an Addon for Minecraft Bedrock that will leave trails wherever you walk, replacing some blocks for that.

  • This is useful for you to know exactly where you’ve been, and to locate your items after dying.
  • Useful to find your friend in a multiplayer game.

Changes to create the trail:

  • Coarse Dirt over Grass
  • Smooth Sandstone on Sand
  • Andesite on Stone
  • Dirt on Podzol.
  • Gravel on Stone
  • Remove top Snow.
  • Clean grass, tall grass, fern, and large fern.


trail 2 2 dirt in plains 2 (800 x 445)


trail 2 snow 3 (800 x 445)


path in taiga


trilhas na montanha (800 x 445)


trails data pack remove grass

remove the grass where you walk

Download Trails Addon (Coarse Dirt) for Minecraft Bedrock

Download “Trails Addon Coarse Dirt Bedrock”

Trails_Addon_Coarse_Dirt_v1.0.1.mcpack – Downloaded 1661 times – 104.35 KB

Download Trails Addon (Dirt) for Minecraft Bedrock

  • Dirt turns to grass with time

Download “Trails Addon Dirt Bedrock”

Trails_Addon_Dirt_v1.0.1.mcpack – Downloaded 1413 times – 104.34 KB