Cow Drop Op Loot Data Pack Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Cow Drop Op Loot Minecraft Data Pack is a data pack created for versions 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 of Minecraft Java and Bedrock.
Add it to your game and you’ll get different items. All these items can help your journey just by killing cows, as they drop items to survive.

The list has 38 items, among them are:

cooked_mutton, coal, arrow, TNT, golden_apple, strength potion, swiftness potion, campfire, shield, flint_and_steel, enchanted_golden_apple, ender_pearl, anvil, grindstone, crafting_table, smithing_table, enchanting_table, chest, furnace, blast_furnace, bed, torch, experience_bottle, emerald, redstone, diamond, lapis_lazuli, enchanted bow, enchanted crossbow, diamond_sword, diamond_axe, diamond_shovel, diamond_pickaxe, diamond_helmet, diamond_chestplate, diamond_leggings, diamond_boots, enchanted book.

Have fun.

cow drop op loot minecraft data pack

Java Edition Update V1.0.1

  • Added compatibility with Minecraft 1.18 version.
  • Improved loot, generating more diamonds.
  • Added Netherite Ingot.
  • Added advancements -> Kill 5, 10, 25, 50 ,100 cows.

advancements minecraft java

Java Edition Update V1.0.2

  • improved diamond loot
  • better balance between diamond weapons
  • increase in the quantity of some items

Java Edition Update V1.0.3

  • increased loot chances for diamond items
  • added netherite weapons and tools
  • removed items that are easy to craft

Java Edition Update V1.0.4 – Minecraft 1.19

  • added goat_horn, amethyst_shard, echo_shard, sculk, recovery_compass, verdant_froglight, ochre_froglight, pearlescent_froglight, sculk_sensor, tadpole_bucket, allay_spawn_egg

Java Edition Update V1.0.5 – Minecraft 1.19

  • cows now drop 1 to 3 items
  • changing priorities of some less important items

Update v1.0.6 – Minecraft 1.19 – Java and Bedrock


  • Cooked Beef instead of Cooked Mutton


  • Furnace
  • Blast Furnace


  • Sculk
  • Echo shard
  • Goat horn
  • Tapdole Bucket
  • Sculk sensor

Minecraft Java Edition Installation

  1. Create a new world.
  2. Click on Data Packs.
  3. Drag and Drop the zip file in the window.
  4. Activate the data pack in the Minecraft window.
  5. Create your world.

cow drop op loot java install1

cow drop op loot java install2

cow drop op loot java install3

Download Cow Drop Op Loot Minecraft Java 1.17 and 1.18

Download “Cow Drop Op Loot” – Downloaded 31228 times – 17.66 KB

Download Cow Drop Op Loot Minecraft Java 1.19

  • For version 1.19 the advancements are still not working.

Download “Cow Drop Op Loot 1.0.6” – Downloaded 11892 times – 14.44 KB

Download Cow Drop Op Loot Minecraft Java 1.20

Minecraft 1.20 compatibility.

Added items:

  • coast_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • dune_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • eye_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • host_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • raiser_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • rib_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • sentry_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • shaper_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • silence_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • snout_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • spire_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • tide_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • vex_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • ward_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • wayfinder_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • wild_armor_trim_smithing_template

Download “Cow Drop Op Loot 1.0.8” – Downloaded 5065 times – 14.54 KB

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Installation

  1. Download the mcpack file
  2. Double-click to install on your Minecraft
  3. Create a new world and in the addon options, find the Cow Drop OP Loot behavior pack
  4. Activate the add-on Start your world

cow drop op loot install1

cow drop op loot install2



If you have difficulties installing on your smartphone, it is recommended to use the file manager fx file explorer.

This app recognizes mcpack files to be opened in Minecraft.

fx file explorer


Download Cow Drop Op Loot Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

Download “Cow Drop Op Loot 1.0.7 Bedrock”

CowDropOP_v1.0.7.mcpack – Downloaded 5672 times – 14.46 KB

This Data Pack was created and released on Planet Minecraft. If you liked it, don’t forget to leave a Diamond.

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