10 Minecraft Facts You Didn’t Know

Minecraft is a survival exploration game in which players can collect materials, build bases, fight monsters and visit different dimensions like the famous Nether. Developed by Mojang, the game is available for consoles, PC, and mobile.

Cool facts about Minecraft


Since its creation, in 2009, the game has been accumulating a lot of really cool and interesting curiosities — some of which we compiled and brought you to take a look at. Let’s take a look!

1 – The game was created in six days

The first version of Minecraft was created in 2009 and was ready in just six days. At the time, still known as Cave Game, the game was in production between May 10 and 16 of that year.

2 – The sound of the Ghasts came from a sleeping cat

When creating sounds for the game, music producer Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld accidentally recorded his own cat waking up from a nap. He liked the noise and ended up using it to create the characteristic sound of the creatures in the game.

3 – Creepers would be pigs

When inventing creatures for his game, designer Markus Persson wanted to make a pig, but he accidentally inverted the values ​​of the height and length fields. He ended up spawning a tall, weird creature that ended up giving rise to creepers.

4 – The game would have a dimension of heaven

The development team intended to create an area that would be the opposite of the Nether called the Sky Dimension. The idea would have been discarded, and its source code originated End.

5 – The map is not infinite

As much as it often seems, the Minecraft map is not infinite. Because it is procedurally generated, with elements being added “randomly”, the game world often really feels like it has no end. But it is possible to walk far enough to reach the edge of the world. If the player manages to overcome this barrier, the game crashes.


6 – Minecraft, the rare typing “mistake”

When the game is opened, there is a one in ten thousand chance (yes, 1 in 10,000) that the title displayed on the splash screen is wrong. Instead of Minecraft, two letters are in reverse order, the screen shows the text “Minceraft”.

7 – You can heal zombie villagers

If one of the villagers in your world becomes a zombie, it’s possible to get them back to normal. The first step is to lock them somewhere where they won’t be hit by sunlight. Then you have to hit them with a potion of weakness and feed them a golden apple. After a few minutes, the NPC will be healed!

8 – Is it possible to prevent the Enderman from teleporting

One of Minecraft players’ biggest nightmares is the Enderman’s ability to teleport at will. Once found, the monster inspired by the “legend” of the Slenderman begins chasing and attacking any player who damages it or looks at its upper body. To end the chase, you can try to trap the creature in a hole two blocks deep. If you succeed, the Enderman stops teleporting around and you’re still safe.

9 – Enderman speaks English


The language spoken by the disturbing creature is actually the English language. The developers simply reversed the words, using them backward, but in the end, it’s still English.

10 – You can escape mobs by hiding

When being pursued, there is a very simple way to escape safely: just find any structure at least two blocks high and formed by non-solid material (as in sugarcane plantations, for example).

Many curiosities

There are a lot more fun facts about Minecraft out there, and many of them are quite interesting. Do you know any more? Share with your friends and on social media to comment on any we missed here!

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