How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Learning how to make a torch in Minecraft is one of the most important builds in the game. The block was introduced by Mojang to the game in 2009 and can be used to keep mobs, the game’s AI-controlled characters, away and aid in cave exploration.


The object can be found naturally in specific buildings in the game, attached to supports or lamp posts, but its manufacture is simple, check it out below.

What items make a torch in Minecraft?

Even though it’s one of the most basic objects in the game, it takes a bit of work to make a torch. Collect coal, mining it in blocks found in nature, it is necessary to use a pickaxe, otherwise, the block will not drop anything.

minecraft torch

A stick is also needed to make the torch, obtained by taking a wooden board from any type of tree, also found in nature.

How to make a torch in Minecraft

  1. Mine coal, each block of coal broken with a pickaxe drops a unit of coal;
  2. Store it in your inventory and create a stick, obtained with two wooden boards;
  3. Place the boards as in the picture below and get 4 units of the stick;
  4. Drag a unit of stick and one of coal, and arrange them as in the below way;
  5. Place it in your inventory and use it when you need it.

crafting stick

crafting torch


As coal is the torch’s fuel, it is important to always carry a few copies, especially during long cave explorations, where the light is extremely low.

Utilities of a Minecraft torch

The torch is one of the most used objects in the game, serving primarily for lighting but also preventing the explosive Creepers, Spiders and other enemies approach your buildings. In addition, the torch can also be used to melt layers of snow and blocks of ice.

Types of torches in Minecraft

While the conventional torch, made from coal, is the most used in the game, there are a few others that the player can obtain throughout their sessions in the game’s universe. They are:

  • Redstone torch: used as a light source and also as a circuit component;
  • Soul torch: serves as a light source, but with a different tonality. Can only be made with Sand of Souls or Land of Souls;
  • Underwater torch: only available in Educational and Bedrock Editions, emits a beam of light when diving and cannot be extinguished by water;
  • Colored torch: Another type of torch only available in the Educational and Bedrock editions, allows the player to change the color of the flame.

The torch can also be a decoration object used by the player, especially during the Halloween period, when players light up pumpkin heads with torches.


This is the player’s way of creating a torch, both on PC and consoles and in the mobile version, and lighting their way during the game and allowing exploration safely.

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